Club history

The SP6PRT club is a PZK (Polish Amateur Radio Association) club located at 4th Regional Logistic Base in Wrocław, Poland. Our contest callsign is SN6F.

In its history the club has had six presidents:

  1. SP6AQK – Mieczysław Frydrysiak 1964-1973
  2. SP6FER – Zenon Pietrzak 1973-1986
  3. SP6FVF – Jerzy Matysiak 1986-1989
  4. SP6HTX – Eugeniusz Korytkiewicz 1989-1991
  5. SP6CCI – Bolesław Konieczny 1991-2019
  6. SP6IFN – Ryszard Banasiak 2019-present

Most important facts

November 8, 1960: a field branch of the PZK (Polish Amateur Radio Association) is found on the initiative of the following HAMs:

  • SP6OI – Ryszard Sawicki
  • SP6BW – Roman Łukowicz
  • SP6QH – Eugeniusz Hutnik
  • SP6AUH – Tadeusz Ponomarow


The resolution brought to life a PZK club at the Regional Officers Club of the Silesian Military Base in Wrocław. The club is recognised by the regional PZK office and is put in the registry of active amateur radio clubs in Wrocław.

October 15, 1964: an application is made to the state authorities for permission to operate transmitting/receiveing radio equipment in the club.

December 7, 1964: the club is issued its callsign SP6PRT (permit No. 48/K/64).

January 4, 1965: the first contact is made using the club station between Honorata Wojtowicz SP6AYQ and Mieczysław Wandor SP6OQ using CW at 20:00 GMT.